R&D Director & Co-Founder (located Adelaide SA)

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Waite Rd URRBRAE SA 5064
Life Scientist (General)
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Tocvic Meng
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General Molecular Expression Service Pty Ltd  is a newly incorporated startup based at Uni. Adelaide, Waite campus, developing the world's leading cell-free protein expression system (CFPS+, a novel low-cost and efficient universal protein expression platform), this is revolutionary cutting-edge work with significant scientific & economic value. We now can produce the most efficient static CFPS kit and are developing a dynamic CFPS+ system for efficient expression at scale. Although the new company just incorporated, it has already received support & grant from the top companies and engaged in international collaboration with top research groups in our field.

Business of GMES
  • Expressing proteins or functional macromolecules using upgraded cell-free protein expression systems (CFPS+) developing by ourselves.
  • The peptides expressed are used as feedstock for high-performance materials.
  • Functional proteins or macromolecules for medical applications.
In short, GMES develops:
  • Protein mass-expression platform
  • Functional macromolecules for material science & medical use
Working environment
  • Our working environment is very similar to the research group in the university
  • Initial R&D work can be carried out in Holocyte's lab, which is located within Waite Campus of Uni. of Adelaide.
The team
  • Tocvic M - background in chemical physics, experiences in molecular genetics research, materials science, experiences in corporate finance. Co-founder of Holocyte.
  • Mamoru O - background in plant molecular biology and a former research fellow of UoA.
  • Several graduates of UoA
  • The co-founder will need to plan business directions (especially in the medical field) and take charge of the core technology development.
  • required to be personally involved in R&D experiments, as well as customer engagement in the early stages, and to lead the team to execute R&D and production plans and train new employees in the later stages.
  • Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Medical science background, PhD
  • Familiar with molecular biology, protein expression technologies, including constructing vector & plasmid, designing primers, transfection, protein purification and other related operations.
  • Familiar with model plant or bacterial cells, and cell-free protein expression systems to express proteins with artificially designed sequences.
  • Familiarity with protein structure prediction.
  • Solid knowledge of biochemical analysis and operations.
  • Knowledge of basic chemistry analysis and operations.
  • Australian citizenship / PR / 2Y+ available working visa (Required)

Personal characteristics

  • Passionate about your career.
  • Honest and responsible.
  • Optimistic and open-minded, able to work under pressure.
  • Has the initiative and courage to face challenges.
  • Imaginative and diligent thinker.

Salary and Benefits

As co-founders of the new company, role as both shareholders and employees, we only enjoy the basic salary in the early stage, while most of our personal revenue sources from dividends in the later stage.

Salary:  $65,000.00 – $95,000.00 p.a.

Application Question(s):
  • This position needs solid molecular biology knowledge and experiments skill, we prefer PhD and PhD candidates in relevant fields.
  • Please send us your CV and one thesis best presenting your past work. to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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